Last updated on September 28th, 2019 at 01:15 pm

September 8th 2019


NSS unit of our college in association with Shifa Hospital, Bangalore, Al Noor Baitul Maal ( Masjid e Noor Fathima, Bismillahnagar) and Lifeline Foundation conducted a one-day free Health Camp for poor people residing in Bismillahnagar, Gurrappanplaya, Balaji Nagar and Tilak Nagar . More than 1000 people were screened by specialist doctors of General Medicine, Oncology, Gynaecology, Opthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Dental, and Diabetology departments. The highlight of the Health Camp was Cancer check-up, Bone density determination and Retina examination of the eye.

Eye testing was done for 365 patients and 290 persons are being provided with free spectacles by AL NOOR BAITUL MAAL (Masjid e Noor Fathima), Bismillahnagar. Retina examination of 150 persons resulted in the detection of 45 positive cases requiring further treatment. Retina examination was arranged by Carl Zeiss India (Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd. free of cost.

The Lifeline Foundation Trust, an NGO which has formed Self-Help Groups provided free medicines. The Staff and NSS Students of BET Degree College worked tirelessly as volunteers and made excellent arrangements for the smooth functioning of the camp