Last updated on April 3rd, 2021 at 05:09 am

Closing Ceremony of  Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP) (March 18th 2021)

As a part of the Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP) hosted by Udhyam Shiksha of Udhyam Learning Foundation, in association with Life Line Foundation Trust, 13 Teaching faculty  were trained as facilitators to deliver the OEP.

The program consisted of 10 online sessions held thrice a week from mid November to December.

The objective of the program was to enable students with the knowledge and skill to start a small business while building awareness of self-belief, grit, improve communication and confidence.

This empowered our young girls to run small scale profitable projects while pursuing their higher education. The program not only helped the students to embrace upcoming opportunities to be successful entrepreneurs but also by learning entrepreneurship, they were encouraged that one door will always be open to venture into.

The program helped the faculty facilitators boost their entrepreneurial confidence to make students learn step by step to start their own businesses and provide them with an effective  means of creating jobs for themselves and other people in the community.  The program ended with certificates being provided to the teachers and students who completed the program