15-07-2019 Retro day- Students dressed in Bollywood 60 s, 70s , 80s and 90s.

16-07-2019 Twins Day- brought a wave of positivity, staff and students were seen dressed identically.

17-07-2019 Traditional Dresses Day – Students dressed in costumes representing India and respectfully greeted everyone.

18-07-2019 Saree day – Saree is the cultural heritage of India, a special day for all the students and they all made most of the day, draping themselves in designer sarees and all looked a class apart.

19-07-2019 Sufi Day -. A tradition of enlightenment that carries the essential truth forward through time.

20-07-2019 Princess Day- Each student is unique, deep inside every woman’s heart lays a princess waiting to be awakened, the day gave a message of self-love, empowerment, and aspiration.