January 1st 2020

A formal performance assessment of the year was held on January 1st 2020 to know how the accomplishments have helped our mission of excellence of the past year and goals were set on how to succeed into the next year , the honest feedback and constructive criticism will improve the work we do together and demonstrate our commitment to continued levels of improvement . Mr. Syed Zameer Pasha Sir(Rtd IAS officer) and Professor Dr Shaheen Taj ,Ph.D Founder Head of PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Al – Ameen Arts , Science and Commerce College Hosur Road Bengaluru 560027 were the invited guests to review the achievements of the institution. Hand Book on College committees to improve the efficiency of the various committees that are formed and effort to decentralize the college administration was released by Dr Shaheen Taj and Newsletter ” BET BULLETIN” to keep all our stakeholders informed of all the latest happenings in the institution was released by Alhaj Mr Syed Zameer Pasha.