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Menstrual Hygiene (June 20th 2022)

Hasiru Dala, which means Green Force, is a social impact organisation that works with waste pickers and other waste workers to ensure a life w dignity.and who also are the resource organization for BBMP  conducted an  session  on  waste management to bring about awareness and participation  about the causes and consequences of waste disposal and highlighting the importance [...]

Interclass Badminton Competiton (June 9th 2022)

The badminton interclass competition was held where students took up the challenge and gave their best. There is a saying  practice makes a man perfect”. The same was seen in most of the players who participated. It was a wonderful display of talent

Investor Education Program (June 13th 2022)

Investor Education Program was conducted on behalf of BSE -IPF on Capital Market Awareness, Introduction to Mutual Fund and Financial Planning for B.Com and BBA students . The session was hosted on Zoom Platform . The speaker was  Mr. Venugopal Rayirath   a Senior Associate of LKW. A seasoned professional with over 3 and half decades [...]

Sumaiya Fathima

World Environment Day (June 5th 2022)

World Environment Day with the theme “Only One Earth” was celebrated, drawing the attention of the students towards playing their role effectively while living in perfect harmony with nature. Students planted saplings in their surrounding residential areas spreading awareness  to save our natural resources – a step  taken towards a clean and pure future. Students [...]


Orientation Program (June 9th 2022)

Ms Neha Banu and Ms Tabassum participated in  one day Orientation Program  of 6th Sem B Com Syllabus 2019-20 at Sri  Krishna Degree College  organized by the Department of Commerce and Management  in association with Bengaluru City University  and Bengaluru City University Teacher’s council of Commerce and Management (BCUTCCM).

Demanding Career Choice (June 8th 2022)

A chartered accountant plays a very important part in managing the finances and the working of finance and accounting related tasks, therefore, being a Chartered Accountant is a good choice and required for growth in the field.. A program on the importance of studying Chartered Accountancy by Mr. Mohammad Taher Shaik  a well known chartered Accountant was held at Al [...]

Life Skills – Mr HK DAMODAR RAO (May 23rd 2022)

Life skills are skills that help in dealing with everyday challenges and excellent communication skills are critical for success in your life and work. Critical, creative thinking, decision making, emotional attachment, interpersonal relationship, problem solving, self esteem, desire, respect are the main inputs for life skills  all these are guidelines accordingly by W.H.O for learning skills.  Mr  H [...]

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