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November 25th 2017

Book release function and felicitation of achievers

The Kingdom of Mysore under the reigns of Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV and Sir Mirza Ismail was known as “the golden age of Mysore”, prompting Mohandas K. Gandhi to call it “Ram Rajya”, implying they were like brothers and despite their religious backgrounds they put the welfare of the people of the state above all else.

Prof B Sheik Ali’s Book “Sir Mirza M Ismail- A Great Adminstrator” was released by Alhaj Ziaulla Sheriff Chairman India Builders corporation, in presence of chief guest Dr K Rahman Khan Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha and presided by Alhaj R Roshan Baig Chairman Bismillah Educational trust and Minister for Urban development and Haj.

Rajyothsava awardees 2017 Mr Maher Mansur and Mr S Syed Ahmed well wishers of BET Insitutions were also felicitated for having received the second highest civilian honor of the Karnataka State conferred to them on occasion of birth of Karnataka State celebrated as Kannada Rajyothsava.

Bismillah Educational Trust formed on October 28th 1985 has been providing yeomen service in the field of education by providing each student a diverse and all round education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning. Dr K Rahman Khan felicitated the trustees for completion of 32 years of their journey in the field of education.