Cost Accounting (February 2023)

Guest lectures in Cost Accounting was arranged to III Semester  BBA students  by Mr Mohammed Aftab from St Annes Degree college on the following dates  February  11th, 12th, 18th, and 19th 2023.

Guest Lecture (July 19th)

July &  August 2022 Guest lecture by Mrs Azra Parveen with 17years of industrial experience  who took classes on software engineering methodologies and scope of software engineering in IT industry every tuesdays and thursdays providing exceptional knowledge to the students by adding extra variety to the classroom routine  thus developing multiple skills like critical thinking, reasoning , [...]

Guest Lecture (September 4th & 11 th 2022)

The Department of  Languages conducted a guest lecture  in English for I year degree students.  Resource person was Ms Saubiah Shabbir Ahmed, Assistant Professor  of  English from  International School of Business and Research(ISBR) .

September 3rd and September 10th 2022

Assistant Prof Nayaz Ahmed. G  Department of Botany and EVS  conducted guest lecture for I year students on  Munipal Waste Management , Bio Diversity and Conservation, Natural Resoruces and desertification ,  Impact of Air Pollution

Guest Lecture (September 4th 2022)

Asst Prof Khutaija Nazneen, Department of Commerce, St.Anne's Degree College for Women, Halasuru, Bengaluru conducted guest lecture in Investing in stock markets for  I BBA students

Guest Lecture (August and September 2022)

Mr Mohammed Aftab   Assistant Professor Department of Commerce from St Anne's Degree College was invited as guest faculty to take   classes for  VI Sem   B Com  in Income Tax and International Financial Reporting Standards  and in E- Business and Accounting for  IV Sem B Com Students

Madam Thahura Naaz Shaik

November  2021 to March 2022  Madam Thahura  Naaz  Shaik   was the guest faculty  for V Sem  BCA Students in the subject Analysis and Design of Algorithms.

Guest Lecture (March 1st 2022)

Guest Lecture on Indirect taxes for  V  Sem BBA Students by Asst Prof Khutaija Nazneen, Department of Commerce, St.Anne's Degree College for Women, Halasuru, Bengaluru.

Guest Lecture (February 2nd and 3rd 2022)

Prof Shantharaju Vice Principal and Associate Professor Vijaya Evening College   conducted Kannada classes for students of I year under new curriculum as envisaged by NEP 2020.

Publication certificate (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE)-

Mrs Sumaiya Fathima   had presented  paper titled " Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth " in an INTERNATIONAL  MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC WEB CONFERENCE  2020 organized by Surana College Peenya Campus on May 29th and 30th 2020 . The paper was published in ALOCHANA CHAKRA JOURNAL (UGC CARE GROUP-1 JOURNAL) Volume IX, Issue VI  JUNE -2020 . Link: