A centre  for counseling has  been functioning effectively in the college campus with an  objective to build up a value based student community so that they become better citizens  of our country.

Objectives of our counseling cell

  • Provide academic counseling.
  • Give Personal and Professional guidance.
  • Support Extra –curricular activities of the students.
  • Identify those with learning difficulties and personal problems.
  • Arrange remedial classes for students who are at the risk of failure.

Counseling services aims at helping students reach their highest academic and personal potential, which involves helping with personal learning and career concerns and promoting success in a confidential atmosphere for students to overcome their problems.

Counselling Services for Students:

December 2022

May 2022

Life Skills – Mr HK DAMODAR RAO (May 23rd 2022)

Life skills are skills that help in dealing with everyday challenges and excellent communication skills are critical for success in your life and work. Critical, creative thinking, decision making, emotional attachment, interpersonal relationship, problem solving, self esteem, desire, [...]

June 2021

National Webinar (June 7th 2021)

National Webinar was organized by the Humanities Department on the topic “ENHANCE HUMAN POTENTIAL DURING PANDEMIC”. The speaker for the session was Mr. Damodar Rao Counselling and Emotional Wellness Coach, A well delivered , very [...]

October 2020

Group counselling sessions

Group counselling sessions to students on different aspects of counselling  by students of Institute of Psychology and Research(IIPR) Bangalore .  Topics like academic stress, time management, fear, etc were discussed in different groups based on [...]

June 2020

Counselling session (June 6th 2020)

BET SADATHUNNISA DEGREE COLLEGE had organized a VIRTUAL COUNSELLING SESSION on " Strategies to cope up with stress, anxiety, and distress in Pandemic". The speaker for the session was Mr. Damodar Rao Counsellor and Coach, [...]

February 2019

A Talk On Depression And Anxiety Disorders (February 6th 2019)

Dr Asfiya Khaleel Consultant Psychiatrist at Acura specialty hospital, HBS hospital, SafaMedicure, Apollo Clinics, Vasavi hospital, Shekhar hospital and Asian Hospital gave a professional well structured and informative presentation on Depression and Anxiety disorders which [...]