Electoral Literacy Club (ELC)  constituted at the behest of Election Commission of India (ECI) is engaging our students through interesting activities and hands-on experience to sensitise with their electoral rights. and familiarizing them with the electoral process . ELC actively throughout  has engaged staff and  students  and community in large  in promoting awareness of Right to Vote .Since  the formation of ELC  awareness  was spread on electoral literacy  and enrolling students as voters.

Students were exposed to the electoral process  by encouraging them to  to vote in the Karnataka Assembly elections on May 10th 2023 by conducting the below mentioned activities

!. Speeches on election and democracy  – May 2nd 2023

2. Essay writing competition on “Role of  electoral literacy clubs in election process” – May 2nd 2023.

3. Poster making – May 5th 2023

4.  Voter awareness rally  – May 8th 2023