The College provides lively and competitive environment enabling students to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen arenas. The faculty is renowned for their meritorious profile, versatile talent and dedication to the cause of education. The college has produced women who have excelled in various professions and have contributed in numerous ways to society at large. Besides the infrastructural facilities, the strength of the College lies in its congenial and enriching atmosphere, which plays a crucial role in maintaining the excellent record the College is renowned for. Generations of students who have been groomed in this College have excelled in different walks of life, with the years spent in the College providing them a solid foundation on which they could craft their success. The College is committed to providing the leadership and direction for the times ahead in every sphere of human enterprise and endeavor and is making concerted effort to enrich its infrastructure in order to meet the multifarious requirements of students.

Our College has excelled in the recently declared VI semester results. Apart from being a college Nahida Tabassum VI Semester BA student was declared as a topper from Bangalore University in Political Science ( 90 marks ). Highest number of students have scored distinctions and first classes. These results have given us a superb foundation to build our Academic Focus.