August 2018

Preparation Of Financial Statements Under Vertical Format

August 11th 2018 Mr. Jagadheesh K.C, Department of Commerce and Management Devanga Sangha First Grade College S R Nagar Bangalore gave a lecture on Corporate Accounting "Preparation of Financial Statements under vertical format" for III [...]

July 2018

Parliamentary System In India

July 27th 2018 Expert Lecture by Mr S I Syed Munawar Parliamentary system in India, Elements and features, Difference between Parliamentary and presidential form of Government to I B Com and I BBA students.

Personality Development And Communication Skills

June 28th 2018 - Training session on personality development and communication skills by Mr Muhahid Ul Islam - Sales operation head, North America, Canada and Cariibbean island.

April 2018

Advent of Europeans To India

June 23rd, 2018 Mr. Abdul Wajid MA (LLB) delivered a lecture on "Advent of Europeans to India 1453 CE" for Vth SEM. B.A students.

February 2018

Guest Lecture On Banking Law And Operations

February 12th - 2018 Mr P S Charan Kumar M Com PGCGPS, Researcher for Biological Assets under IND AS 40 gave a lecture on Banking Law and Operations for II Sem B Com students and [...]

Guest Lecture on INCOME TAX

February 10th 2018 – Mrs Mohsina Banu Alumna of our college working as Assistant Professor Department of Commerce & Management Indo Asian Academy gave a lecture on the topic "Profits or Gains from business or [...]