Last updated on January 9th, 2018 at 09:21 am

Health talk on skin and hair – November 2nd 2017

A talk on skin care hygiene by Dr Imitiyaz Consultant Dermatologist Hairline international, Misk Skin & Hair Clinic and Shifa Hospital and also associated with MFHRD (Millath Foundation for Health Research and Development ) a motivator, a resource person who guides young fellows who aspire to take medicine as their profession.

Awareness was created amongst students on how to maintain healthy hair and skin, a daily activity that requires a lifestyle change to maintain the benefits of a good hair care program through proper nutrition, balanced routine for healthy skin and hair as the beauty from the inside out is what is considered as healthy life style.

The power point presentation was highly informative and well presented. Dr Imitiyaz also dispelled the most common myths and misconceptions surrounding the hair and skin and the information that was given will be helpful to the staff and students who were present on their journey for a health hair and skin.