IQAC Seminar – Quality Initiatives in Higher Education: Exploring New Frontiers.

IQAC cell of the college had organized a days seminar on March 28th to determine the exact status and functioning of IQAC and its outcome to the management with the following topics.

I. IQAC – what & why – Dr Ramya

II. Management in IQAC – Mr Tahseen Ahmed

III. Role of Teachers in IQAC – Dr Mustaaq Ahmed

IV. Role of Students in IQAC – by Mr Mohammed Mansoor Nouman

V. Challenges & solutions for our College – Students ( Ms Farheen Taj S and Ms Thasin Taj)

Students and staff participated in the seminar and were benefited from the various insights that they received from the experts, which helped all stakeholders to get involved in the NAAC agenda of total quality assurance and enhancement.