Year 2015 saw a quality working environment that an institution would need to develop an institutional culture in which all the forms of academic work( including administrative work) was pleasure and meaningful and offered a sense of fulfillment.

A unique feature of BET Institutions is annual get-together of staff and management this year too all the achievements and the goals set for 2016 were highlighted from primary to Degree college which was well attended highly gregarious occasion and all the achievements that were made during the preceding year were the result of teamwork.

Guest for the occasion was Mr Tahseen Ahmed KAS(Rtd) who appreciated the effort ,professionalism and dedication of entire staff for their PPT Presentations on achievements and goals set for 2016 and stressed on united efforts to improve quality of education by creating a good impression and also on the need to highlight the strengths of the Institution which will help to increase student enrollment and further spoke on the need for appointment of psychological counselor to deal with personal and academic problems of the students.

Yummy and delicious evening snacks were provided to the staff members. All in all it was a very special day a memorable and happy occasion to remember forever.