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Manage your work – Manage your Life

Knowledge sharing session- October 3rd 2015  on “Ways and Means of balancing professional and working life of  a women”.

Mrs Nikhath Tabassum Abroo –   IAS   Deputy Secretary Department of Infrastructure Development Government of Karnataka 

As  teachers  spent most of the time with students  they  should motivate students towards achieving their goals ,create opportunities for students to express themselves ,  identify their needs, soft spots, strong points ,  skills etc to tackle issues if any which could be interfering with their academic performance, besides  teaching teachers  should  instill moral values in students  that will help them to rise in life and urged the teachers to teach with passion, dedication and commitment

Madam Nikthat Tabassum Abroo  used the moment to highlight that earlier  women were not  given more prominence and were not exposed to the outer world, but the scenario has changed completely . Women have been empowered today .   Comparatively working women are  in a better position than a house wife as the skills that they learn  from outside will be shared among her children  which will help them to develop by  her matured quality .

Work Life balance  does not mean equal balance, it means the capacity of scheduled hours  of professional and personal life of women, an ability to manage simultaneously the multi-faceted demands of life .

Interaction with madam was  highly professional very inspiring and encouraging to the teaching faculty who found it very down to earth and casual .

Earlier Madam   Dr Shaheen Kazi   welcomed and Prof Lakshmi   proposed vote of thanks