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October 2018

Organizing And Staffing

September 25th 2018 Organizing and Staffing Mr Mujahid ul Islam Sales Operation and Training Production Head North America, Canada, South America and Caribbean islands delivered a lecture to students of I BBA on organization and [...]

Visit To Raj Bhavan

August 31st 2018 – Visit to Raj Bhavan The Raj Bhavan is the official residence of His Excellency the Governor of Karnataka. The building has a history of over 150 years. As Independence Day gift [...]

September 2018

Succeed On Purpose

SUCCEED ON PURPOSE - September 11th 2018 Staff and students experienced the energy and power on the "SUCCEED ON PURPOSE" live training session by Mr Abdul Rahim professional expert trainer with excellent communication skills who [...]

Teachers Day

Teachers day celebrations - September 6th 2018 Teaching a Noble Profession: Teachers Reminded Teachers day was celebrated on a grand scale in the campus, Dr Syed Naseer Hussain Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha was the [...]

Artificial Intelligence In Banking Sector

Artificial Intelligence in Business and Technology - August 31st & September 2018 Mrs Sumaiya Fathima presented a paper titled "Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector " in the National Conference on "Artificial Intelligence on Business and [...]

Academic Leadership

August 27th - 30th 2018 Academic Leadership Dr Shaheen B Kazi, Ms Nahid Parween and Ms Nasreen Taj M participated in the Centre for Academic Leadership and Education Management Aligarh Muslim university's 4 day Training [...]

Convention On Prevention Of Drug Abuse

August 27th 2018 Convention on prevention of drug abuse Bengaluru city police in their effort to curb drug menace and as per the orders of Karnataka Government on formation of the anti-drug committee in colleges [...]

August 2018

Cyber Ethics And Youth Relationships

August 16th 2018 Cyber Ethics and Youth Relationships: Awareness programme titled "Cyber Ethics and Youth Relationships" was held to make students responsible Indians who will stand for the truth and fight against contemporary evils of [...]

Independence Day Celebrations

August 15th 2018 - Independence day celebrations Patriotic fervour, gaiety and the spirit of freedom. 72nd Independence was celebrated with a lot of patriotic fervour and enthusiasm, songs, speeches marked the day and brought out [...]

Preparation Of Financial Statements Under Vertical Format

August 11th 2018 Mr. Jagadheesh K.C, Department of Commerce and Management Devanga Sangha First Grade College S R Nagar Bangalore gave a lecture on Corporate Accounting "Preparation of Financial Statements under vertical format" for III [...]

Faculty Development Programme

August 10th 2018 VVN Degree College Department of English in association with Bangalore University English Teachers' Association (BUETA) had organized One day Workshop on "Approaches to the New English Textbook" Ms Nahid Parween and Dr [...]

Knowledge Sharing Lecture – Dr Moulana Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed Rashadi

Knowledge Sharing Lecture - August 4th 2018 Teaching to transform, transforming to teach - Dr Moulana Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed Rashadi Educationist Motivation on teamwork and collaboration and to work together in an atmosphere of trust [...]

Profession Week

Respect for every profession - July 30th – August 4th 2018 All the level of professions are important because if we have not one of them it will be impossible to live. A week was [...]

July 2018

Pinning Of Badges

Pinning of badges - July 28th 2018 Class teachers pinned the badges to the class representatives elected by students to discharge their responsibilities entrusted to them by the college in morning assembly in front of [...]

Parliamentary System In India

July 27th 2018 Expert Lecture by Mr S I Syed Munawar Parliamentary system in India, Elements and features, Difference between Parliamentary and presidential form of Government to I B Com and I BBA students.

Landing The Job – Career Counselling

Landing the job July 28th 2018 Career counseling session by Mr Nagaraj Senior Project manager Infosys limited for final year BBA, B.Com and BA students to help them land a job was held wherein students [...]

Serving The Society

July 15th 2018 NSS Volunteers - Serving the society Free Multispecialty health check-up camp was conducted by Al Noor Baitul Maal, Lifeline Foundation in association with Shifaa Hospital in the college campus. The camp had [...]

Systems Management – An Overview

July 23rd 2018 Students broadened their knowledge on systems management and hearing from distinguished speakers by participating in an International Multi-Disciplinary Symposium on "Systems Management- An overview" organized at Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, an [...]

Freshers Day – NOVATO FIESTA

July 12th 2018 NOVATO FIESTA 2018 A heartwarming fresher's party with Indian and Spanish theme by senior students an event that is compulsorily held every year to collaborate newly admitted students and seniors. The new [...]

Investiture Ceremony

Promises to Keep – July 18th 2018 Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions – Harold S Geneen BET Bestows upon his students ability the ability to be [...]

Discover Yourself

July 6th – July 8th 2018 Discover Yourself Transformation within - Workshop by Dr Sadathullah Khan International Motivational speaker & founder of Discover Yourself. Three Day workshop that was held in the campus aimed at [...]

Personality Development And Communication Skills

June 28th 2018 - Training session on personality development and communication skills by Mr Muhahid Ul Islam - Sales operation head, North America, Canada and Cariibbean island.

Student Union Elections

30-06-2018 The Road ahead - Student union elections 2018-19 Elections to the student union was held peacefully, students were seen patiently and enthusiastically waiting in line to cast their votes. The process was highly meticulous [...]

June 2018

International Yoga Day Observance

June 21st - 2018 International Yoga day observance International yoga day was celebrated with grandeur in the campus, students took part in the yoga session under the supervision of principal and staff It was a [...]

Life Skills Training Programme

June 20th 2018 Life skills training programme for students for psychosocial competence and training for higher education competence by Mr HK Damodar Rao.