COVID-19 has woven its way into the veins of society, taking time to understand the positive changes prompted by Covid 19 is very important for the personal development, in times like this optimism  is the quality that we need the  most . Communication is the key to optimism and our college believes in fostering optimism. Department of English  in association with  Internal Quality Assurance Cell  had organized a National Webinar on the topic” Optimism in the time of Covid 19″.Resource person for the session  which was conducted  in the platform GOOGLE MEET  was Dr Fathima Sultan Shaikh, HOD English Department  KLE College of Science and Commerce Kalamboli Navi Mumbai Maharashtra who was an expert in the content area of presentation as well as good communicator and the  participants  gained well presented knowledge. E Certificates were mailed  to all the participants who had participated from various  colleges from Bengaluru, Gangavathi, Belagavi, Kolar, Kolkata, Mookandapalli , Krishnankoil.Ellis Nagar Madurai, Kalina Mumbai, Tirucharapalli  Tamil Nadu,  Ujjain  Madhya Pradesh, Kasaragod Kerala, Chennail, Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, Bidar, Salem, Pebbair Telangana,The webinar made us realize the need to be informed of the facts and keep a sober eye focused on the truth , but we also need to be aspirational in our reach , setting the expectation and confidence that we can and will overcome this ordeal.