Orientation Programme for teachers by All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) Bangalore South was held for teaching faculty to reinvent themselves and update teaching strategies and teach students to the ever-changing demands and expectations of today by providing students to develop their true potential and creating an atmosphere of understanding students’ needs Mr. Syed Tanveer Director MTB spoke on New Trends in Education and Mr. Mohammed Aqheel briefed on National Education Policy (NEP) how NEP will bring a holistic change in the education system of India with its transformative reforms in education sector that requires a focused strategy and a well coordinated action plan for its implementation .The orientation program as a whole was very valuable in informing and giving an insight on expectations and all we can do as educators is to take this up as a challenge and rise to the occasion. Mr. Mohammed Saifulla Hon Secretary BET Institutions was felicitated for his unstinted devotion for the cause of education over the decades by AIITA.