May 2021

November 2020

Publication certificate (INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE)-

Mrs Sumaiya Fathima   had presented  paper titled " Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth " in an INTERNATIONAL  MULTIDISCIPLINARY ACADEMIC WEB CONFERENCE  2020 organized by Surana College Peenya Campus on May 29th and 30th 2020 . The paper was [...]


Mrs Sumaiya Fathimas paper titled " ONLINE TEACHING AND LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION DURING AND AFTER PANDEMIC " with impact factor 5.75 certified by Google Scholar, UGC and ISSN Approved – International peer reviewed  Journal, [...]

April 2020

Research Ambition (April 2020)

Reviewer – Editorial Board Mrs Sumaiya Fathima is the  member of the  Reviewers (Commerce) in the   Editorial Board  of Research Ambition: An International multidisciplinary e journal Gwalior Madhya Pradesh , India

December 2019

Mergers and Acquisitons by Indian Companies

Mrs Sumaiya Fathima's manuscript titled " Mergers and Acquisitons by Indian Companies on a global context and its impact on the companies" was published in "International Journal of Recent Scientific Research" Open Access, Peer Reviewed, [...]

November 2019

Research Ambition (November 2019)

. Sumaiya Fathima research paper was  published in Research Ambition: An International Multidisciplinary e-Journal, Vol.4, Issue-III, November 2019 & its Impact Factor is 5.936 (SJIF). Entitled "DIGITAL ECO SYSTEM- An Analysis of Human Mind and [...]