A  Scholarship is an award to students  to further their education in financial terms, Many charitable organizations and trusts come forward to give grants to individual students for their education .There are various criteria on which it  is awarded.

  • Orphans and children in female- headed( Single Parent) households are prioritized
  • Disability or chronic sickness of parents
  • Income Level of household
  • The total burden of college fees on the family earning
  • Examination results of the student to determine performance

In addition to these  our Hon Management members through  BET Scholarship Committee  established in the year 1989  under the patronage of Bismillah Educational Trust also assist  orphans, destitute, economically  weaker , needy and deserving students of BET institutions in the form of fees ,,school uniforms, school books, etc. The main source of income to this committee is  through Donations, Zakath Contribution from trustee, well wishers and philanthropists.