Feedback form for teacher evaluation by students

Note : This questionnaire has been designed to seek a feedback from the student to strengthen the quality of teachings, learning environment and to look for opportunities to improve teacher’s performance in classroom engagement with students to bring excellence in teaching and learning.

    Name of the Department (mandatory)

    Class (mandatory)

    Semester (mandatory)

    Subject (mandatory)

    Name of Teacher (mandatory)

    In the following fields select the appropriate choice for each point

    Punctuality in the class (mandatory)

    Regularity in taking classes (mandatory)

    Completes syllabus within the prescribed syllabus of the course on time (mandatory)

    Scheduled organization assignments, Quizzes class test, and seminars (mandatory)

    Make alternate arrangements of her class in his/her absence (mandatory)

    Focus on Syllabic (mandatory)

    Self confidence and communication skills (mandatory)

    Conducting the classroom discussions (mandatory)

    Helping approach towards varied academic interests of students (mandatory)

    Helps students facing physical (mandatory)

    Emotional and learning challenges (mandatory)

    Tendency of inviting opinion and questions on subject matter from students (mandatory)

    Acts as role model (mandatory)

    Skills of addressing inappropriate behavior of students (mandatory)

    Additional remarks if any (mandatory)

    Facilities & Activities

    Library (mandatory)

    Student’s counseling and guidance (mandatory)

    Internet Facility (mandatory)

    Extracurricular activities and sports (mandatory)

    Canteen (mandatory)

    College safety and security for students/staff (mandatory)

    Suggestions (if any) (mandatory)