Last updated on May 1st, 2021 at 09:52 am

Mr Nadeem Pasha  Talent Acquisition   Head at Inspirage  was the HR  Leader  for the  National Level  Webinar  ” Talent in Uberized World “(Revolt or Evolve) was organized  for students and faculty both  by BET Sadathunnisa Degree College Women, Bismillahnagar, Bengaluru  560029  and providing  E Certificates to all the participants. The webinar focused on the need to pay attention to and prepare for the workplaces of the future . The webinar focused on the critical digital, cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills and commit to   reskilling that can expand professional competency to perform job well and these personal development skills are qualities and abilities that one should acquire both personally and professionally by understanding and improving skills to maximize potential which also is  a process for self-development or personal growth . Webinar established the broader range of employability skills , leadership skills, creativity ,adaptability , self-management  that are crucial to succeed . The feedback given in the chat box was overwhelmingly positive, Webinar was stimulating, challenging and above all a real learning opportunity.