Colourful week- December 26th –  30th 2023.

Colour is the power which directly influences the soul. Students  came dressed in various shades on the below mentioned dates December 26th 2023- Pink Colour The colour pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others. Pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, compassion, nurturing and approachability. December 27th 2023- Saree Day  A tribute to [...]

(November 2nd 2022) Alumnae  Meet Cum NAAC Interaction

College went for NAAC Cycle 2 Accreditation and Alumni meet cum interaction session was arranged with the NAAC Peer team at 2:00 P.M. Alumnae interacted with the peer team.  

(November 3rd 2023) Kannada Certificate Course

Kannada Certificate course classes by Prof G Abdul Basheer

NSS Day ( Celebrated on September 25th 2023)

NSS Foundation Day was celebrated by our NSS unit.Students in their speeches highlighted on  the importance of selfless service through constructive social work to enrich their personality Cleanliness drive was organized in the campus NSS  Programme officer highlighted on the importance of the day and also  motivated the students to become a part of the NSS community [...]

(September 15th 2023) ‘Reading of the Preamble’ programme 

Staff and students enthusiastically participated in the International Democracy Day Celebrations and read out the preamble of the constitution and reaffirm their commitment to democracy and the Constitution as mandated by the State Government .The chief guests for the event were Prof Yasmeen Tabassum Vice Principal Al-Ameen College of Law, and Mr Mubarak Khan  Assistant Professor  IFIM [...]

(September 14th 2023) Language Celebrations

Hindi Diwas was celebrated and on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted Hindi in Devanagari script as an official language in India. Students presented cultural programs and speeches in Hindi. Through their speeches the invited guests Dr Uma Sharma Hindi Department Base PU College and Prof Mumtaz Begum SM HOD Hindi Abbas Khan College for [...]

(September 4th to September 7th 2023) Entertaining teacher’s day activities

Games and activities of fun were organized for teachers who participated with great gusto in musical chair, three-legged race, lemon and spoon, cooking without fire, fancy dress, pick and speak in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere

(September 5th 2023) Teachers Day Celebrations

Students expressed their gratitude  and appreciation for teachers by organizing a wide range of activities  acknowledging the sincere efforts of  every teacher for their painstaking effort they selflessly put in  every day.

(August 26th and 29th 2023) Student Exchange and Recycling Programme

NSS unit and Eco club jointly organized student exchange and recycling programme on waste management. Dry waste such as paper waste and plastic waste brought by the students was weighed and based on no of kgs of waste brought by them, Anubhuti Welfare Foundation; official partner of ITC WOW gave classmate stationeries. This initiative taken [...]

(August 1st 2023) Farewell party

Farewell Party by the juniors was organized to bid adieu to their outgoing seniors and extending them warm parting good wishes for their future endeavours