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November 2020

Covid 19- Campus safety measures (November 2020)

Our institution continues to take precautions to ensure the health and well-being of its campus community in response to the global novel coronavirus pandemic. Housekeeping staff is embracing the challenges  that have been presented and [...]

January 2020

IQAC 2019-20


NAAC Silver Jubilee Celebrations

January 7th 2020 " NAAC Silver Jubilee Celebrations" Principal Mrs Sumaiya Fathima , Vice Principal Dr Niloofar Mirza and IQAC Coordinator Ms Ayesha BB participated in the silver jubilee celebrations of the National Assessment and [...]

September 2019

IQAC Meeting

30th 2019 All the members of the IQAC were informed about the meeting. Principal in the presence of the members of IQAC chaired the meeting

August 2019

NAAC Awareness Programme

August 20th 2019, Workshop on NAAC awareness programme (NEP) on NAAC guidelines and criteria for the staff of our college by Mr Tahsin Ahmed IQAC member and Principal

June 2019

IQAC 2018-19