Spit Free India Movement (October 26th 2020)

Students participated in the SPIT FREE INDIA MOVEMENT organized by NSS Cell Karnataka   in association in collaboration with Narayana Health Centre  on how chewing tobacco during  covid 19 contribute to spitting  in public which could enhance the risk of spread of Covid 19 . We are proud to say that NSS unit of our college [...]

Strong Family, Strong Society (March 20th 2021)

Mrs Iffath Jahan faculty Department of Urdu participated in the Short Story Competition during the campaign “ Strong Family, Strong Society “held at BIFT Hall, Darussalam , Queens Road organized by JIH Women’s Wing and won second prize.

Virtual SSP Training (March 16th 2021)

Ms Neha Banu, Ms Tabassum and Ms Roushan Taj  SSP  participated in the training on SSP Application Submission and e-Attestation Portal organized by Bengaluru City university

Program with a purpose (March 15th 2021)

Orientation Programme for teachers by All India Ideal Teachers Association (AIITA) Bangalore South was held for teaching faculty to reinvent themselves and update teaching strategies and teach students to the ever-changing demands and expectations of today by providing students to develop their true potential and creating an atmosphere of understanding students’ needs Mr. Syed Tanveer [...]

April 2021

Ms. Sadiya Sarwath B.E and Ms. B Savitha, students of final year BCA, Jyoti Nivas College Autonomous carried out internship for a period of 3 months starting from January 2021 to March 2021 in the domain of “ONLINE ASSIGNMENT ASSESSMENT” in our institution.

Aviation Careers (April 14th 2021)

Virtual session by  Alfa  Aviation  Academy to our  students on taking up demanding and  rewarding career  in  aviation which not only enhances skills but also gives  a stable and secure career with good benefits including everything from flexibility to  job security was conducted by  Alfa  Aviation Academy briefing the students to take up the training [...]


Workshop for teachers (February 10 th 2021)

Workshop was conducted  by Dr. Mufti Sajid Falahi, International Trainer & Motivator from Gujarat  inspiring teachers to   stay updated as   21st century learners, be conversant with information  communication technologies and the  teaching methodologies associated with ICT towards transforming the learner to become a valuable citizen in society, as teachers  need not be role models for what [...]

10 Day Entrepreneurship Program

Closing Ceremony of  Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP) (March 18th 2021) As a part of the Online Entrepreneurship Program (OEP) hosted by Udhyam Shiksha of Udhyam Learning Foundation, in association with Life Line Foundation Trust, 13 Teaching faculty  were trained as facilitators to deliver the OEP. The program consisted of 10 online sessions held thrice a [...]

Viva Voce Exam (February 26th & 27th 2021)

Viva Voce Exam was conducted by the panel of internal faculty for students of  I   B.Com, II B.Com & II BBA  identified and approved by the Principal .Notice regarding Viva Voce exam was communicated to students in  college notice board and WhatsApp groups