July 2nd 2019
IPR Awareness Programme
Dr Shafi Phaniband Dr Shafi Phaniband Chairman and Managing Director ARETOT(Advance Research Enabled Target Optimised Technology) Group of Scientists was invited to address the staff and students on Building a Research Culture and the benefits of embedding research-based learning into a curriculum in order to develop higher-order learning and spoke from a very broad consideration of what a research culture is like and why is to so important to the higher education sector in general, and strategies and actions for the building and strengthening of our research culture. Staff were motivated to improve/start research practices to enhance their professional skills and students to look beyond the formal curriculum with the aim of furthering their own knowledge and understanding and also contributing to the broader knowledge base of their discipline. Prof Ayesha Mujeer from Huda Degree College who has completed her M Sc in Physics leadership Program from Cambridge University Curriculum, London, who is also pursuing her Intellectual Property Rights course from Bangalore Law University also spoke on the occasion.