Research Ambition (April 2020)

Reviewer - Editorial Board Mrs Sumaiya Fathima is the  member of the  Reviewers (Commerce) in the   Editorial Board  of Research Ambition: An International multidisciplinary e journal Gwalior Madhya Pradesh , India Principals meeting 20-05-2021 The Link address is :-

The Program Of MFERD

August 29th 2019 MILLAT FOUNDATION FOR EDUCATION RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT (MFERD) had organized a program on "Can we put our college on the world map?"On 29 Aug 2019 between 3 pm & 5 pm Dr. Mustaq Ahmed spoke on it.Mr. Faraz Zia presented PPT on "Up skilling of teachers "Mr. Faizal presented PPT on "Making our [...]

Knowledge Sharing Lecture – Dr Moulana Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed Rashadi

Knowledge Sharing Lecture - August 4th 2018 Teaching to transform, transforming to teach - Dr Moulana Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed Rashadi Educationist Motivation on teamwork and collaboration and to work together in an atmosphere of trust and accountability towards a common goal and put aside issues and focus on the tasks to be done was given [...]

Book Release Function And Felicitation Of Achievers

November 25th 2017 Book release function and felicitation of achievers The Kingdom of Mysore under the reigns of Maharaja Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV and Sir Mirza Ismail was known as "the golden age of Mysore", prompting Mohandas K. Gandhi to call it "Ram Rajya", implying they were like brothers and despite their religious backgrounds they [...]

Teaching Quality Matters

Teaching quality matters October 26th 2017- Dr Mushtaq Ahmed The session began with retrieval of information on the lecture on Cleanliness that was given on September 28th. Teachers present retrieved knowledge and information that they gained, few teachers who had complied the same were appreciated. Dr Mushtaaq Ahmed IQAC member focused on Quality teaching is [...]

Knowledge Sharing Lecture

Brain storming session - Knowledge sharing Lecture – October 7th 2017 Learning the difference between wisdom and knowledge and how we gain wisdom will benefit us as individuals and our students as we teach them this difference. Knowledge is really about facts and ideas that we acquire through study, research, investigation, observation, or experience. Wisdom [...]

Knowledge Sharing Lecture – Quality Vs Quantity

February 4th - Knowledge sharing lecture by Dr Mushtaaq Ahmed on Quality Vs Quantity (External IQAC Member) of our college and How to Improve intake by Mr Akbar Iqbal Vice Principal Huda Group of Institutions.

Annual Self Review

The Goals, Accomplishments Equation: Conducting an Annual Self-Review. Accomplishments are the indicators that we have met our goals, and goals give us the motivation to have accomplishments. A year-end review of accomplishments was held on January 7th 2017 in presence of Hon Management members. A presentation was given which reflected on the year just completed [...]

Neuro Linguistic Programming

December 3rd 2016 Knowledge sharing lecture Knowledge sharing lecture on "Neuro Linguistic programming" was conducted by Mr Rafiulla Baig a famous handwriting and memory expert, who spoke on importance of well trained and well supported, accountable and valued teachers, whose professional knowledge and skills are the most important factor of education. The education of future [...]

Knowledge Sharing Lecture – Body Language

Knowledge sharing lecture – November 5th 2016 by Mr Rafiullah Baig certified handwriting analyst, and a body language and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert. Body language impacts a great deal of how we communicate, and can reflect quite accurately what's going on inside us, the tone of voice the rate of speech and pitch of the [...]